Pearle*-Live Performance Europe represents more than 7000 organizations in the performing arts and music sector.
It was created 25 years ago.

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Pearle members discuss EU policy proposals and their impact on the daily life of their organisations

(Copenhagen/Brussels 03 June 2017) - How does the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers deal with cultural policy at EU level and how do they interact with stakeholders from the cultural sector in the Member States? This was the opening discussion between Pearle* members from across Europe at their 53rd General Assembly, held on 2nd and 3rd June 2017 in Copenhagen.

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Pearle - EFA partnership, in context of RISE project funded under Creative Europe programme

CAPACITY BUILDING IN THE CONTEXT OF INTERNATIONALISATION, CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION AND MOBILITY The European Festival Association (EFA) and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe have teamed up to improve knowledge on legal and managerial aspects on cross-border cooperation. In a series of 2,5 hour seminars or workshops spread over a period of more than 2 years a wide range of issues which either have a cross-border dimension or of common interest to many cultural managers across Europe, will be organised. A typical seminar or workshop will include the involvement of a legal expert other, the presentation of a case and a lot of interaction and exchange. Participants will be invited in advance to bring their questions along, so that at the end of the session they will have acquired knowledge and insight to tackle their case. After every session a report will be drafted which will be at the disposal for anyone interested, but could not take part in the workshop. This way a knowledge centre will be built up of experts input, including description of cases and good practice examples. Knowledge and access to information is key. With a lot of expertise available in the sector and in the members organisations and having access to experts in specific areas, international collaboration can be enhanced through training, exchange amongst peers, and through a practical and solution-oriented approach. EFA and PEARLE members are invited to make proposals for topics to the steering committee. Depending on the issues raised, further in-depth research or articles on a specific subject from experts may be added. Articles can cover legal or managerial questions related to mobility (such as taxation, VAT, visas), access to audiences, financing and entrepreneurship. In addition EFA and PEARLE members will be offered access to a series of easy reading booklets (supported by an online animation) will be produced which will provide access to information on the relationship between the daily management and the regulatory framework.

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Online interactive risk assessment tool for productions and performances

watch the introductory video The European social partner project to develop and promote Online Interactive Risk Assessment in the Live Performance Sector has reached its close. With the support of the EU-OSHA Agency, the sectoral social partners Pearle*-Live Performance Europe and EAEA (composed of FIM, FIA and UNI-MEI) have launched two risk assessment tools: one for Productions and one for Venues. The tools are accessible anonymously and free of charge. They are accessible at any time, a risk assessment can be interrupted and continued at a later date, at the user’s convenience. Furthermore, they can be used on portable devices, which is practical. The two OiRA tools for the Live Performance sector have been developed to give a roadmap to the live performance sector to address the challenges that exist to make fit European health and safety legislation with addressing risks in venues and productions, to consider implementing policies, taking measures and adopting approaches that go beyond the common sense practice. It also helps to support careful consideration of the aspects of the work that require safety management and helps to protect those working in this intensely varied and busy environment.

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Position on VAT reduced rates and special scheme for SMEs

In the context of the consultation of the Commission on the reform of the VAT scheme, Pearle issued additional comments to the online consultations. Pearle* strongly calls upon the EU to maintain the option of VAT reduced rates and exemption for the sector as part of the VAT directive. An EU wide approach which binds Member States to apply reduced, super-reduced rates or exemption would hugely foster the live performance sector. Pearle* also calls upon the Commission to maintain a special scheme for SMEs, taking into consideration the specific context of cultural organisations. Read the full position

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Pearle activity report 2016

The 2016 Pearle activity report highlights the key policy and regulatory affairs on the agenda for the live performance sector and its priorities for 2017.

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